Board of Directors

MHNA maintains an annually elected and appointed board of directors from major organizations and institutions located in the neighborhood. The board has 4 officers, elected annually, and 11 directors with alternating 2 year terms. Currently, there are 4 directors appointed to the board.

MHNA Board of Directors 2015-2016

Jan Morse | President
Douglas Carlson | Vice President
John Capecci | Secretary | Creative Places Committee Co-Chair
Robert Stableski | Treasurer
Barbara Camm
Cordelia Pierson
Hung Russell | Land Use & Development Committee Co-Chair
Isaac Oyejinmi
Marcus Mills | Land Use & Development Committee Co-chair
Marnie Loven-Bell
Nancy Hovanes | Creative Places Committee Co-Chair
Nicholas Minderman | Transportation Committee Chair
Nikki Mardell
Rebekah Martin
Richard (Dick) Kavaney
Doug Donley | Southeast Minneapolis Clergy 
Jonathan Borowsky | GAPSA (Graduate & Professional Students)
Tim Harmsen | Dinkytown Business Alliance
Wendy Born | Greek Alumni Council

We currently have an open seats for board members appointed by the MSA (MN Student Association) and the Northeast Business Association (NEBA). If you belong to NEBA and would like to serve as the a rep to MHNA, learn more here and download an application here.