Public Hearing: Fraternities and Sororities

Minneapolis Planning Commission Public Hearing: Zoning Code Text Amendment, Regulations Related to Fraternities and Sororities
City Hall, Room 317
Monday, March 6, 2017, 4:30 pm

Please click HERE for the Staff Report by Peter Crandall

The Department of Community Planning and Economic Development recommends that the City Planning Commission adopt staff findings.

A.   Text Amendment: Amend Title 20 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances related to the Zoning Code.

Recommended Motion: Return Chapter 520 to the author and approve the zoning code text amendment to amend regulations related to Fraternities and Sororities, amending the following chapters:

  • Chapter 536 Specific Development Standards
  • Chapter 546 Residence Districts
  • Chapter 547 Office Residence Districts