Marcy Open School Construction Meeting

You are invited to an open public form regarding the upcoming construction at Marcy Open School. You are welcome to forward this invitation to any interested parties.

Marcy Open School (Media Center)
415 4th Avenue SE
Monday, October 15, 2018, 6 - 7 pm

The scope of work at Marcy will include:

  1. Kitchen/cafeteria addition that will allow fresh, on site food preparation and reduce lunch periods from five to three
  2. Secure and welcoming main entrance addition that will move office functions to be adjacent to the main entrance and improve building security
  3. Art and Music classroom relocation and renovation
  4. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems upgrades that will improve interior humidity levels and indoor air quality

A part of this work will include interventions to the site surrounding the school and between the school and Holmes Park:

  1. Documenting, removing, protecting, and restoring the Path to Peace Terry Labyrinth
  2. Minneapolis Public Schools is proposing removal of playground equipment, re-construction and changing the shape of the playground equipment containers, and Park Board replacement of playground equipment
  3. Placing a temporary, fully fenced in construction access road through the site between 4th and 5th Streets between April and August 2019
  4. Adding a construction fence during construction to ensure school community, park visitor, and neighborhood safety

The loose timeline for construction is:

Start construction when the ground thaws in approximately April
Heavy construction during summer break 2019 between June and the middle of August
Lighter, less intrusive construction throughout the school year
Heavy construction that is focused inside the building during summer break 2020 between June and mid-August

Questions may be directed to:

Laurie McGinley
Project Manager
Capital Planning, Construction, and Maintenance
Minneapolis Public Schools