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November 15, 2012 | News

Marcy Arts Partnership Coordinator Position for June 2013 announced

MARCY ARTS PARTNERSHIP Coordinator Position for June 2013

As we get ready to plan our Annual Marcy Arts Gala, the Marcy Arts Partnership would like to announce that we are seeking a New Coordinator to oversee and manage all of MAP’s work beginning June 2013. By posting the position early, we hope to give you a chance to join the team and experience all the position has to offer.

You will meet and work with the most passionate and devoted group of parents and community members I have ever known.  This is a part-time, paid position with an average of 12-15 hours a week during the school year. The workload varies, depending on the program and fundraising calendar. For more information and a complete job description, please contact Laura at 612.807.2847 or by email at