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September 20, 2018 | News

NRP Plan Modification Vote • October 16, 2018

MHNA General Membership Meeting
Where: The Machine Shop | 300 2nd Street SE
When: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, Socializing begins at 6 pm, Meeting begins at 6:30 pm

The MHNA Membership will be considering six updates to our Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP) and voting at our October 16, 2018 General Membership meeting. All MHNA members are encouraged to attend the October membership meeting and vote. Questions can be directed to Chris Lautenschlager, MHNA Executive Director.

October 2018 NRP Plan Modification

1. Creative Placemaking: Completion of Enhancements at Elwell Park
Requested amount: $21,350
A project started more than two years ago, the rehabilitation of the public art in Elwell Park includes replacing/repairing broken mosaic tiles, sandblasting and repainting the metalwork, and adding a new kiosk with interpretative signage that tells the story of the park and its importance to the neighborhood.
2. Creative Placemaking: Micro-Granting Program
Requested amount: $3,000
There is no shortage of ideas among Marcy-Holmes neighbors on how to activate community- based, community-building creative projects and activities. We propose enabling the Creative Placemaking Committee, with approval of the MHNA board, to provide internal grants to neighborhood residents in 2019 for neighbor-initiated and -driven projects that support goals of the Master Plan.
3. Housing: Inclusive Financing Feasiblity Study
Requested amount: $2,500
Hosting of an in-progress feasibility study work for "Inclusive Financing." Inclusive Financing is the means by which the average resident can leverage the versatility of utility “tariffs” (the system and process by which your utility company bills you for your energy use) to finance clean energy and EE improvements to their homes without personal debt and while saving money in month one after the install. Inclusive Financing works by having your utility company bill you for the financing of the improvement as a percentage (80% or less) of the monthly savings brought about by the improvement itself.
4. Safety & Neighborhood Care: Block Club Leader Program
Requested amount: $5,000
The Safety & Neighborhood Care Task Force seeks MHNA board support and approval to reinitiate a Block Club Leader program in Marcy-Holmes. Upon board approval, the Marcy- Holmes Block Club Leader program will focus on following broad goals: 1) Increase safety and involvement of residents and businesses and 2) Raise awareness of the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association.
5. Safety & Neighborhood Care: Eastside Litter Container Program
Requested amount: $3,600
As outlined in the Livability section of MHNA’s Phase II NRP plan, our organization intends to pursue ways to make the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood quieter, cleaner, and safer for all those who live, work and visit our community. This program will provide funds for the once per week servicing of ten (10) additional concreted trash containers for a two-year period. The containers, installed by the City of Minneapolis Public Works Department, will be located at street corners, on the east side of Marcy-Holmes.
6. Communications: New Communications Strategy Program 2019
Requested amount: $6,200
Although MHNA currently boasts a strong online communications program—made up of all major social media channels, an email newsletter program, and website—in recent years it has lagged behind other neighborhood organizations in a wide variety of printed outreach communications. These printed outreach communications include, but are not limited to, newsletters, postcards, and brochures that are printed and mailed to our residents. This organization must also begin to dedicate resources to working with landlords and property management companies to provide “Welcome Packets” to new residents who relocate to the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood.

Questions? Please contact MHNA's Executive Director, Chris Lautenschlager at or 612.623.7633.